About the used cars you'll find at Audi Sylvania.

Among the many things Audi Sylvania has going for it is our dud-free used car collection, featuring such reputable brands as Audi. Not many new Audi or used car dealerships can make such a claim. Audi Sylvania can, however, because we go over each car with the utmost scrutiny. If just one little thing doesn't add up, we remedy it before slapping a sticker on it. And, we don't just mean a temporary fix either - we mean the real deal. Furthermore, if the integrity of the used car is so compromised we can't make it like-new, we won't ever show it to you. Which means, regardless of which used car you choose at Audi Sylvania, you're guaranteed to get the same upstanding quality and ultimately - long-term satisfaction.

Sylvania  Used Cars - The Most Unparalleled Collection

See a used car you like? Come down to 5570 Monroe Street Sylvania, Ohio for a test drive, or to discuss financing options. If nothing is catching your eye today, be sure to check back tomorrow. Our constantly-evolving used car inventory is updated daily.